Mostafa Nassar
I am a creative senior frontend developer with a track record of working on numerous web-based projects. I love creating a functional, responsive, cross-browser, lighthouse-optimized, and component-based website and web app with pixel-perfect UI and best practices. I am passionate about web accessibility, usability, and inclusion.



Sharing only the non-NDA projects:

Quality is the consequence of a consistent pursuit of growing skills and confronting problems in a productive atmosphere that strives for the best. Mutual trust and constructive collaboration in a compatible work team make the impossible easy as a passing step towards success.



Reputation is built over time through consistent quality work, professionalism, and positive interactions with clients. Aim for long-term success by delivering exceptional results and maintaining a stellar reputation! πŸŒŸπŸš€

Ask for Feedback and Reviews:
- After completing a project, request feedback from clients.- Use online tools or platforms to collect and manage reviews.- Thank clients for their input and act on it accordingly.

Mostafa has been a great partner to work with on several projects which he completed successfully. He took feedback well, communicated often, and always is a go-to resource for getting stuff done, even if it's going to be a challenge and have strict requirements.

Kevin Gervais
Kevin GervaisData geek & founder @ Auto Genius, Touchless

Mostafa is a fantastic developer. His ability to work with ambiguity, do more than you put in the requirements, and fill in the blanks makes him a pleasure to work with. Did you forget about some hover or active states? He'll throw some in and see what you think. Maybe you thought animation would be too expensive or hard to spec? Mostafa will try some stuff and see if it works. And it does! Really excited to keep working with him, he's been really great.

Jimmy Hooker
Jimmy HookerLead Product Manager at Fivetran

Mostafa did a great job building our website from scratch. He was able to implement design using gatsby. He worked hard for our deadline and implemented pixel perfect design with animation.

Kazuki Nishiura
Kazuki_NishiuraHead of Engineering at Sardine

Mostafa is a highly skilled developer with expertise in CSS, specifically in fixing issues related to Figma designs. With a strong command of React, Tailwind CSS, and general CSS principles, Mostafa excels at translating design specifications into responsive and visually appealing web interfaces. His attention to detail and problem-solving abilities make him an invaluable asset in resolving CSS-related challenges and ensuring that Figma designs are accurately implemented.

Christos Malamas
Christos MalamasSoftware Engineer at QuadraWeb

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Certainly! If you’re looking to hire me as a frontend web developer, I appreciate your interest! 🌟

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I look forward to discussing how I can contribute to your projects! πŸš€